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I'm Quoy (pronounced kio), the owner of Array of Gratitude. I belive by making time to tap into your creative soul (inner spirit), you can discover more self awareness, inspiration, and more of your authentic (higher) self! I've been on my entrepreneurial journey for over 10 years and around the time I conceived the idea of this company, I've been divinely shown, and somewhat forced, to look within. It didn't feel so "divine" when all of this happened; at that time, my life was taking a drastic turn. Little did I know I was being guided by something greater!  

Array of Gratitude started after my body had a complete burnout in 2016. Before my burnout, I went through a long stretch of searching for the "perfect job". At that time, I was also trying to keep my head above water, in the mist of maintaining my own business, and upholding an on and off freelance design position. It was a very hard and a long journey of finding a job to support myself. Being told by numerous design jobs that I'm too experienced or not exactly qualified (when my portfolio clearly showed I had the skills) was so draining. The job "carousel" added more stress, mentally, emotionally, & physically; it made me feel like I had the worst luck. Many of the jobs that hired me, gave me medial work, that had nothing to do with the position I was hired for. I was under-paid and exhausted from trying to handle everything. I took on a lot of responsibilities in my personal life, and being an entrepreneur became daunting. After spending 5 years in NYC's hustle & bustle, my body burned out, and I was an emotional wreck. The brand I was trying to maintain failed, and I felt stuck.


After all this happened, I stepped away from the computer and stopped everything! I needed to focus on my health. Even though I felt pretty hopeless at that time, I couldn't stop coming up with design inspirations. So one day I decided to paint. Then it became a routine, while learning about meditation. It was my little piece of heaven, and opened me up to my emotions, and soon to my higher self. It gave me the self-reflection time I needed to nurture myself and connect more into my spiritual health. I began meditating regularly, and collecting other self-developing tools that I started applying towards my practice.

Screen Shot 2022-05-12 at 10.04.06 PM.png

From 2018-19, I conducted paint workshops, helping people relax and reflect with meditations and aromatherapy. People left the classes saying they felt their "soul spark"! That's when Array of Gratitude really started to grow it's wings.


In 2020, my personal healing journey began to deepen, as I became an official life coach, which changed the vision of Array of Gratitude, and started to see it as a brand. 


As a designer at heart, I love to encourage others to understand the importance of "soul care", and guide their spiritual development through creativity! I also incorporate my expertise of design & branding for those enlightened to their spiritual nature along their path of entrepreneurship, bridging the gap between personal & business growth. Learning about yourself and your purpose through life, is a healing journey in itself, but when you can learn to trust your path and the things you can do with it, it brings so much more fulfillment. 


With Love,



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