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Ever felt like your inner child needed a playground to roam free in?


Well here it is! Welcome to our community of artists, entrepreneurs, and healers. We offer personalized guidance and holistic resources to help you overcome creative challenges and achieve overall wellness in your life. Explore what we have to offer below!



Creative Wellness for Your Soul Growth

Our blog highlights creative sparks to help you thrive, complete your goals, and have fun while doing it. Stay updated with tips & tools for your business development as well as personal developement!



Don't miss out on the chance to network with like-minded individuals and promote your business at our Show&Tell Virtual Events! Get inspired by fellow entrepreneurs, practice relaxation techniques, and leave with a few business tips that you may have been questioning before you came. Register to our Show&Tell event!

If  you'd  like to be a part of our Solopreneur Spotlight Panel for our next event, please fiil out  the form below.

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Breaking through business blocks!

Intro to Soul Care

Get a sneak peak of whats going on in the group and the types of courses we have! Check out our "Intro to Soul Care" course for free, along with our resources for personal  development and branding.


Extra Support

Share your concerns and ask questions about your courses & programs first hand from your favorite facilitator. Become more involed with our " Show & Tell". events and get exclusive turtorials to help you & your biz thrive!


Creating with Chakra

Dive deeper into your energy, learn more about chakras and how to connect with your creative spirit through them.  Explore how I see business & chakras with tips for your energy hygiene!

Highlighted Features:
  • Exclusive posts for paying members

  • Discounted courses & free tutorials

  • Show & Tell Event  Promotion Priority

  • Chakra Meditations 

  • Brainstorm discussions

Explore exclusive features with your free 7day pass. 

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