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This package helps people awaken to their best self & bring true gratitude towards their craft! I love to help people who are looking for more ways to explore and expand their creative energy. Whether you are working on a business or a hobby, they all need direction, support, and some type of formation during  the process of building your design. When the process gets messy and confusing, this indicates something I like to call a golden stage; this spot is where I usually come in! This is the best time to utilize your "inner" tools to discover parts of you that are holding you back, and develop more courage, faith, and gratitude towards your goals. This is also where I help you use creativity as a form of resilience


Opening up to your creativity allows you to explore  a sense of your own "magic"; feeling more comfortable with diving into your imagination & trusting your intuition. As adults, we can get so wrapped up in our stress, that our daily routines can feel like pressure. Depending how heavy the pressure becomes, or how you deal with that pressure, negative thoughts start to block the best parts of your imagination, forming stagnant energy in the cleverest way. My coaching process, and creative tools I use, can help open the door to flow again!

This coaching package starts with 10 sessions, to really dive deep into your goals and give you the support to create better ways to feel good about your authentic craft. If you're ready to bring more balance into your life, and listen to your soul on a deeper level, let's explore this process together!


"Creativity enables us to find ourselves and loose ourselves at the same time"


"The habits you've made to survive, will no longer serve you when it's time to thrive"



During our first meeting, we will laser focus on your goals to make clear intentions for your project. If you don't have one, this is where we will create one! This is where we can customize your program with creative activities and different types of meditations that will calm your energy, as well as find inspiration. 

You will also receive something I like to call a Soul Care Reading. This is an intuitive card reading that highlights your soul advantages, and hidden blocks you may not be aware of. You will also get a written "prescription" emailed to you, that you can print out for your reference throughout our time together. During this reading we will explore:

  • Blocks; stagnant energy within chakras

  • Ways to release

  • Creatives sparks to raise your vibes

  • Suggestive tools/exercises to keep your calm

I will hold space for whatever comes up and then talk with you about the creative activities you'll be doing within our time together. 



Breathing practices as well as chakra healing will be incorporated throughout your journey with me. I love to start sessions from a calm, centered space to refresh your energy and help you stay present. This is also a great way for you to practice these techniques; you can get used to bringing this into your daily habits, making it easier to be consistent with your soul care. The chakra healing incorporated in your package, is a form of Reiki (energy healing) to help remove any hidden fears and stagnant vibes around your creativity. 


I've found that bringing our mind, heart, and soul into alignment allows more room for us to trust our decisions. When you can feel safe & comfortable with connecting to your intuition, your body, higher self etc., you will feel an overall  sense of trust and calmness within the body.



Sometimes we aren't aware of how we are forcing ourselves to get certain results, which adds more stress and even fear to our manifestations. Having support in & out of your sessions, can relief some of your stress and expand your perspective. Usually when I first meet a client, their unique talents are laying dormant or fatigued. Participating in activities during sessions, as well as exploring creative tasks as "homework", gives you a smoother cadence and generates room for your talents to blossom.


Writing and (intuitive) meditative art are used a lot during our time together to work on dismantling and cracking open the impasse. Depending on your goals, I will guide you through the resources needed, as well as any art direction  within your design (if wanted).  Regardless of what you are trying to achieve, it is a proven fact that sparking your creative side adds flow into figuring out solutions. All of this will be discussed in our discovery call in more depth during our very first session



I believe holding space for someone means to be present  and open to listen with out judgement. I also belief you can hold space in numerous ways. I like to hold space not only through deeply listening, I also like to guide, and assist in our space as well. My guidance and assistance comes through sharing my unique creative sparks of inspiration and direction. Through our coaching sessions we take time to talk about issues that you want to work on, as well as practical ways to "dive deeper" into the energetics of what you're truly feeling inside -- even when you can't really put your finger on it. Exploring various ways to implement hands on activities, also help you work through problems in a subtle way.


In between our sessions, you also have access to office hours on a messaging app, if you want to directly reach out to me with questions and concerns.



Every client that signs up for the 10-week Deep Dive gets a bundle of supplies to help them through their extra creative time; during our sessions and afterwards. This urges you to get into your rhythm and make time to self-heal as well. Each care package is different for each client, but you can expect something like a workbook, tools to color with (markers, colors pencils, paint, etc.) and sketch book, with some other goodies to help you soul care. If my homework doesn't consist of the supplies in your care package, you will have to obtain other supplies on your own. I like to give "homework" that is free or easy to access though, so don't fret! 



If you are feeling drawn to deepening your creativity and furthering your soul growth, I'd love to chat! Some of you may also be thinking, "but I'm not creative!" You don't have to consider yourself to "be" creative, because my process helps you move through any type of blocks, using transformational creative tools. 

Let's get on a call and get to know each other! But first, please fill out the form so I can better understand what stage you are in right now. Once the form is complete, you can schedule a call and ask any other questions you may have for me.


You can find other services that you can benifit at your own pace.

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