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Finding help for your business can be overwhelming. Whether it's designing, management, or promoting; trying to make someone understand your ideas can feel like an uphill battle. Not only are you trying to make sense of your own thoughts, you can sometimes start questioning your credibility to do what you do best. I know... making your business work for you can be flat out confusing and exhausting, but this is why I chose to help others heal their business. This package is a great way to guide you through that transitional phase, when it feels like you're going nowhere fast.


This package helps you be seen & heard by guiding you through a process that helps you put it all together... raising the bar visually, and raising your vibes energetically! Unblock Your Business helps develop your brand in a strategic way that expresses your business needs and personal needs at the same time. Brand development is about sharing your genuine story that allows you to set the tone of your business, and market multiple parts of it, in a unified fashion. 


Have you been having a hard time sharing your story? 


This is why your creative expression is key to attracting clients, and in this day & age of social media, you're gonna need a strong foundation to be seen and heard. I want to help you attract people that see your value, as well as help you gain confidence when it comes to the technical side of business. Let's bring healing to your space, and release the fear of feeling like you're on the verge of burnout. 

What makes this 1:1 online experience different from other coaching programs, is that it incorporates chakra healing with brand strategy, to help recharge your energy and dive deep into your creative passions, while teaching you how to be heard by the people that value your work. Let's set your business up with a new way to work, so "your work" can feel fun again!


Finding Alignment

Take a deep breath & look within! Your values & beliefs around your business (and yourself) will reflect your boundaries with your clients, the energy of how you run your business, and how you are being truly authentic to your mission! Looking at your spiritual growth first, will result in the ultimate transformation. Let's start the flow together, by practicing grounding techniques and discovering what's been standing in between you and your business.


Creative Spark

It's time to spark your imagination, and utilize your mind's eye to visualize a clearer picture of how you want your business to look, and how you want to flow into a new way of working. I focus on setting the mood & holding space for you to connect with your imagination and how you'd like your business to be represented. Sometimes we can come up with too many ideas at once, or maybe want to use old designs that we left on the back burner. Confusion around the creative process is typical, which is why I love to incorporate chakra healing sessions, so you can relax, ground, and center your energy, as well as create rituals to practice connecting with your creative spirit and gain more insight. 


Simplify & Create Package

Here is where we get to roll up our sleeves and get to work on strategy & design. We start to streamline your workflow, implement your unique gifts, and design a new way to create content, based on a process that best fits your needs.  While I'm designing your website, I will also be coaching you through a 30-day challenge to get your feet wet, with the new energy and presentation of your new look. Here we are also formulating your ideal client(s), so you can let the universe know, you're ready to start attracting your desired outcome! Don't fret! I'll be right here with you, holding you accountable, as I also encourage you along the way.


Showcase The Brand New Vibe

Now it's time to take everything we made, from inception to delivery. We created your own unique package, and now its time to show it off by launching your new website to your lovely (potential) clients! By this stage you already have the ball rolling with the type of content you want, you have clear communication, and a solid foundation that your are implementing. Your plan of action will be supported not only by me, but by everything you created with me. Before pulling back the curtain, you will also learn how to use, edit, and upkeep your website. I always record my website teachings, so you can always refer back to it. 


If you feel stuck within your business, worrying about how to leave your toxic job, or feel overwhelmed on how to promote & manage your business, I'd love to talk more about how this program can benefit you. Let's heal your business so the vision becomes clear and your next steps are put into action.  


Schedule your discovery call with me today!

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