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Branding Yourself With Passion

Following your passions definitely helps create an authentic brand. I don't know about yall... but its a tad bit hard being "authentic" in a world that loves to highlight all the things wrong with you.😵‍💫 Its a little scary when you think of it... kinda like when you finally decide to post your first video on social media.

What will they say... but the real question is

"What will you say?"

Understanding why you are passionate about doing what you do, is an important thing to express when you're starting a business and thinking of ways to create a brand.

☝️Another important thing is unpacking your personal story about how you built the courage to start your business! Even if you don't have a business... the small steps that you started implementing is a BIG FREGGIN' DEAL!


How many of you felt like you've went through hell & high water to either:

  • build your confidence to share your unique ideas

  • get the funds to invest in yourself

  • push through all the drama in your life, thats been telling you to NOT go after your dreams

Due to my loyalty to my old neighborhood and friends (I still had from grade school) I didn't understand how important the "healing arts" was to my soul purpose.

People looked at me like I had 3 heads when I talked about this stuff. My parents understood it, and saw it good for me, but was so engulfed in there own stuff, they couldn't emotionally support me the way I needed. I worked in the Wellness industry for about 2years until I found myself yearning for graphic design (like you would miss an old boyfriend/girlfriend).

It took a crazy abusive relationship, for me to choose to finish getting my degree, but I still didn't understand my purpose, even four years after that. It honestly took me about 8yrs after graduating college to realize my patterns of bouncing between graphic arts & healing arts to realize THIS was apart of my soul purpose!

Guess what...?

  • With all the brand development jobs I've had...

  • The many compliments from the people I massaged telling me how calming & healing my vibe was...

  • It still took me even a couple more years to get my shit together and embrace my gifts and purpose... that I've always been passionate about!

This long journey I've been through allowed me to gain a lo of wisdom I'm dying to share!

My passion for helping others is 1 thing, but to use my gift to see someone's light they uniquely hold in their heart is another. It feels so serine to be able to help someone through my talents and skills.


I want to help you with what I've been sharing in your emails, to 🔥 Ignite You Passions!

☎️ BOOK A CALL WITH ME and let's talk about how I can help you, bring out your strengths and cultivate your weaknesses to define your purpose & passions even more!!!!

I'd love to talk to you and tell you all the details. Comment below to schedule a call today.

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