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Show&Tell Your Business: A Virtual Networking Event

June 17th I hosted the first Show&Tell event! This virtual networking event brought entrepreneurs together that are looking for more community, inspiration, and insight on how to take their ideas to the next level!

I brought a long two super fire business women, that I spoke with during the Solopreneur Spotlight. This is where I asked questions about soul care, and let them share some empowering stories around their entrepreneurship!

I Shoulda Called It a Masterclass

I presented a lot of information for yall so when you watch I hope you take notes! I shared:

  • my insight about the soul

  • what soul care mean to me

  • how different creative wellness tools can be used to help you recharge & align to your purpose

  • how chakras are a great reference for self awareness and empowerment

...all essential for your entrepreneur path of wellness! Take a look at what you missed by clicking the button below.

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