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What We Do

Through collabrative events, classes, and course we serve soul-led entrepreneurs and small businesses.

We favor growing with the people we work with and like to think of them as soul family. Some of our events are focused onraising money for simalr causes toward mental health awareness, especially amongst entrpenerurs. Entreprenuership can be a road less traveled, since you are creating things that no one ever thought of before. Not only your inventions, but you are sharing parts of you to the world as you share your creations. That takes courage and a health mindset to go against many odds. 

(something about burnout)

This is why we advocate mental & emotional wellness, especially for our entrepreneurs

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Our Healing Process

Plant The Seed

Gain creative direction and brainstorm your ideas, so we can create a roadmap that attracts your audience. "The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit", but I can definitely show you how to take care of your business, connect with more people that see your value. This package is a starter kit that meets you where you are at, simplifies your steps, and lead your audience in front of a landing page to showcase what matters the most. 



Create a web presence that matches your aspirations or redesign what you already have. This nourishes all aspects: your mind, biz, and soul, so you can be in alignment with your vision, and represent your desired value for your offers. This package also introduces custom chakra meditations to the mix, which assists you in making better decisions; gaining more clarity, and grounding your ideas to create a design you truly love.


Grow & Shine

A more in depth program that heals your business and develops a beautiful brand design. This not only gives you a strategy to bring your business look to the forefront, it creates a clear pathway towards birthing your ideas. It's not all about a unified design! This is a whole-person integration experience, removing the blocks in your way, and supporting you with wellness practices that successfully help YOU breakthrough your challenges. This package is next level growth for the business owner ready to launch & feel brand new!


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All Hands In

IT !

We are rooted in holistic healing and passionate about healing the mind, body, and spirit. We believe in the power of creative wellness and advocate for getting artists to own their shit; physically and emotionally. Our mission is to help shift the paradigm of the 'starving artist' by promoting a mindset of abundance, gratitude, and spiritual wellness. We understand that true healing is a whole process, and we offer a variety of resources and support to help you on your journey.

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